The CWD Foundation

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We are an independent Colorado non-profit corporation. Our goal is to help stop, control and eliminate CWD from all cervids (elk and deer) both in wild and domestic populations during the next 10 years. Our plan is to raise private and public funds here in Colorado, from around the country, and perhaps around the world. Such funds to be designated specifically for CWD education, networked information dissemination, and most importantly, used to subsidize private enterprise for CWD research into the definition of the disease pathogen and the creation of a live animal test, together with prophylactic medication and in our greatest hope, a possible vaccine.

It is our opinion that private, as well as public charitable funding of traditional, together with new, creative and unique research concepts are a very necessary adjunct to the current governmental disease research efforts in order to create a timely and commercial disease solution. Operational contracts with a major University and a publicly-listed research organization have been placed.

While a complete disease resolution may take many years, we are devoted to finding an immediate deterrent to the current remediation procedures and find a viable live-animal test. We welcome support from all persons and businesses concerned about preserving cervids together with the heritage and traditions they represent. We all need to act now to protect against a very uncertain fate. We welcome monetary pledges. Motivated volunteers are encouraged.

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